New: Vinovo Flex Inject

During VIV Europe World Expo last June the all new Vinovo Flex has been introduced to the market. Vinovo Flex is developed as a diverse alternative to the Vinovo Select. The Vinovo Flex carries with it the advanced features of Vinovo while offering greater flexibility.

The Flex is diverse in nature due to the ability to handle any setter tray configuration on the market. A dynamic set up means that the Flex can act as a mobile and standalone solution or can be integrated into a fixed transfer line as well. Hatcheries of all sizes and capacities are able to benefit from the Vinovo experience with the developments of the Vinovo Flex.

The Vinovo Flex can also be featured with excellent options such as: Live Embryo Detection, Select Transfer, Vaccine flow detection and TREGG data management. Please contact our sales representative for more information on the new Vinovo Flex.

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