Growing expertise in layer industry

Nowadays a certain level of automation is common in a modern hatchery. Traditionally this is to reduce production costs and improve labour ergonomics and bio-security standards, but when applying new technology and innovations the task of automation broadens. Live Embryo Detection is a good example as it improves hygiene throughout the complete incubation process, whereby health problems and use of antibiotics can be reduced.

Also delicate chick handling is required to conform with the high standards of animal welfare. Precision and accuracy during additional operations such as gender sorting, vaccination and counting require special attention as well. Ergonomic work positions and dust reduction systems creates a better work environment for the employees and reduces labour absence.

With our large experience in the GP, PS and Layer industry, we have build a strong knowledge in chick handling. This expertise gave us the opportunity to work on the biggest projects within the layer industry such as Verbeek – largest in Europe – , CP Subsanoon – largest in South-East Asia, and Hyline China – world’s largest layer hatchery.

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