First runs at Annyalla Chicks UK produces great results!

United Kingdom – First runs of the new hatchery at Annyalla Chicks UK produces great results! The new HatchCare hatchery is equipped with a high level of Viscon automation. With HatchCare the chicks can benefit from early feeding and fresh water directly after hatch.

The hatchery includes a fully flexible chick processing line in order to deliver either sexed or as hatched chicks. The facility is equipped with Viscon’s unique No-touch chick separation, which contribute to the humane handling of the chicks. They no longer go through automated sorting and counting machines, providing a stress free environment.

Using Live Embryo Detection only eggs with living embryos are transferred to the hatcher baskets, giving hatcher baskets with 100% living embryos. The eggs with dead embryos and “bangers” do not enter the hatchers anymore and creates a more hygienic and safer environment for chicks to hatch.

A smart and hygienic hatchery design is established due to processing waste in separated areas for both living embryos and chicks in the processing rooms. Currently the Hatchery can produce 500.000 birds with early feeding and fresh water, with the possibility to expand to 2.200.000 birds per week.

We are very pleased with this successful startup and the trust from Annyalla Chicks owner Mr. John Mayer.


  • Fully automated facility
  • Operational since July 2018
  • Located in Boston, UK
  • Producing 26 mln chicks/year
  • Designed to quadruple its capacity (4x)
  • Smart and hygienic hatchery design
  • High level of Viscon automation systems
  • Live Embryo Detection
  • Stress-free chick processing line
Viscon Annyalla Chicks UK

From left to right: Jonathan Martin, operations director, Nick van de Zande, International Sales Manager Viscon, Michiel van Veldhuisen, International Sales Manager HatchTech, John Mawer, owner and CEO Annyalla Chicks UK and Ireland, David Little, hatchery manager

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